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The Start of an Era

At AMI Studios

Welcome to the ReTrosoundWAV blog my name is Andre or Dre, which ever name is easier to say. I am a creative individual that does a lot of things with sounds. Here’s a list of what I do: record two podcasts (DZN Podcast (owner), Peace Talks Podcast (host, edit, and audio engineers), edit clips for the ISGP Podcast (recorded at AMI Studios), and currently help out with clips of (NC States Podcast “The Non-profit Experience.”) Music: I produce, compose, write, and engineer my own and other people’s music, “ReTroBeats Volume I and II.” Video: (create, edit, film, and arrange video clips and projects.) “M.U.S.I.C., Toyota Car Commercial, Downtown Raleigh video.”

What I do is focused around sound whether that means creating, editing, switching, or manipulating sound in different shapes and sizes. When I talk about shapes and sizes, I mean certain types of waveforms. And some people probably don’t know what waveform means, so here’s the definition. According to, “A waveform is an image that represents an audio signal or recording. It shows the changes in amplitude over a certain amount of time. The amplitude of the signal is measured on the y-axis (vertically), while time is measured on the x-axis (horizontally)”).

Sound is everywhere at work at home, in your dreams, in your thoughts, etc. And you can make sounds out of anything like a potato, shoe, keychain, air, and a lot more. Sound has a lot of value to us and society. According to, “the average listener streamed 16 hours and 43 minutes of digital audio per week — more than double the average of 6 hours and 30 minutes back in 2009.”

Sound helps us dictate where things are, how we navigate through each space of being, how we communicate, and how we anticipate the world moving around us. If we never had sound we could still exist, but moments will have far less meaning and there would be a lifeless element left in the world that would leave it so depressing.

Sound makes music, podcast, and videos all fields of creativity that I love and enjoy. And I will tell you how I got to this point and what I will do beyond this point. The purpose of this blog is to create, educate, inform, motivate, and share content to all the people that need and want the information that I am passing on. Also, I will bring you along the journey with me to create greatness for us all. Now, just to be clear I do not know everything and I will not act like I know everything and if I am wrong on something I said please respectfully correct me in the comments and link wherever you received the information from so everyone else can know. If you don’t you will find out everything, I do such as, making and showing music, podcast, video, and information so you all can witness and acclimate yourselves with what I do here.

This is the beginning of the ReTroSoundWAV blog. Thank you for coming and thank you for viewing, hearing, and listening. And always remember to follow me on social media, share, donate, subscribe, like, comment, and tell everyone you know what goes on here on the ReTroSoundWAV blog.

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Join the ReTroWAV where we “capture the sounds of everything.”

My first blog post The Start of an Era is now live on #wordpress check it out! via @retrosoundwav#retrosoundwav #retrodreproductions #music #collegemedia #multimedia #sound #raleigh #producer #wpu #media #podcast #video #audio #durham #nc #blog #people — retrosoundwav. (@retrosoundwav) September 6, 2019

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