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Poem: “A World Without Sound”

Made by ReTro d.r.E

If the world was full of silence, how would we communicate? If the world lost sound how long would we survive the day? If you couldn’t hear how would you react? What would the world be without sound is the question? How much will we miss out will be the unknown question?

A world without sound cold and silent. A lot of people would live, but slowly dying. Missing out on wavs swinging from ear to ear. Not being able to hear the sounds come out clear.

Who are you? Who am I? How will we say our names when we walk by? 

Another cold moment of silence, another day without violence, another day when people don’t care about where sound drifts from side to side.

What can you make out of nothing?

What can you turn into something? 

When can you hear from ear to ear?

Without sound you can’t feel anything.

A World without sound consist of no sounds.

No sound of the music, no sounds of the ground.

No sounds of the trees, no sounds of the leaves.

No sounds makes anything you do you’ll just be n space.

A World without sound will make everybody frown.

A World without sound will be upside down.

A World without sound will turn this life into a mound.

The sound you thought you could hear, you would have never be able to hear…

A World Without Sound is a poem for your thoughts.

A World Without Sound is some words for your thoughts.

And A World Without Sound is the sound from the heart…

by retrosoundwav

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