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Everything Comes At A Cost

Made by Andre Tidwell with images from Pexels

The New AirPods

I recently read in a CNN article that Apple is coming out with a new pair of AirPods that will have more features such as advanced noise cancelation, flexible ear tips, transparency mode which lets people still hear their surrounding environment while they’re listening to music, and audio sharing, a feature that can now let you synch up with another pair of AirPods and listen to the same audio as someone else. And with these extra features the price is going to increase from $159 to $249.

The Problem

But this spawns something else that I would like to talk about, are the price hikes worth the money? I understand that it takes time and effort to make and create a product, especially electronics, but I don’t think certain products are worth jacking the price up. Now, I’m not saying that this shouldn’t cost $90 extra, or maybe I am.

What’s Better

It’s no secret that there are a lot of headphones that you can listen to audio out of, but are we as consumers always getting the bang out of our buck? I think there are better headphones than the AirPods, but no one buys them because they don’t have the information or want to fit in with the Apple crowd, so they buy them anyway.

I believe that there are headphones that are as good or better than these AirPods, not saying that they suck because I don’t have them. I just think it is odd that companies that create audio devices rarely go to the top to develop the best product on the market, so the consumer can have the best experience, every time. But I guess that’s part of business.

Question To The People

My question to headphone users is what’s stopping you, seriously, what is it? I know you all work all day and all night trying to get money to help your family, friends, and whoever else to have a great life. But you also want to have fun and some of you do that by using headphones to listen to music.

You can use anything you want or anything you can afford, but you want to settle. Why? There is no reason that you should settle for less because a company wants to cut corners. If you want a new product you should get it, but don’t get it because everybody else wants it, if you know you can have better. That’s the same as saying “Jesus is King” by Kanye West is mixed better than his previous album “The Life of Pablo.” You know you can have better, so why waste it on less.

Are these companies really taking their time with their audio products? Are they giving us the best technology with the best qualities? And how much does it really cost to do it? I know there are some exceptions, but is this like fashion where we pay a lot of money for clothes that are made for about $3.50.

Possible Solution

If you headphone users did not get anything from what I said earlier, at least remember these things: you have the power and there are better options out there, so go find them and get the best pair of headphones that you can buy. And if you don’t have any idea where those are, you can start here and move on from there.

Final Question

I pose this as my ending question, and this may not relate to only audio, but to everyone that loves their buying power.

Are we really getting the most out of what we paid for?

Think about it.

Really, think about it…

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