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The Reason Why I Make Music

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This post is a story about me finding out the real reason that I make music. Because at first, I jumped into it because I thought I was good at it, but after having a conversation and watching these two videos (Discussion What is Lo-Fi? Follow Up | Lo-Fi Secrets & Tips Revealed For Reason 10 by MG the Future) and (KENNY BEATS & DENZEL CURRY FREESTYLE | The Cave: Episode 12 by Kenny Beats) I realized that it was a little deeper than me being good at it.

I guess this was my “wake up call” because at first, I was just doing it just to do it, but as I found out a few months ago, it was a little bit deeper than that. Well, here it is the story about “The Reason That I Make Music,” this may not matter to everyone but to those who need to hear this, here you go.

Where it Started

I was having a conversation with my fellow intern friend Jack outside the studio one night talking about the reason that we make music. He was struggling trying to find out what kind of music he wanted to make, and I asked him, “what is the reason you make music”? He said, because of a heartbreak; however, he asked me the same question and I couldn’t completely answer, because at the time I didn’t know. I have only been making music for about a year, spending all this time and I didn’t know why.


When I was growing up, I wanted to be a basketball player, then a physical therapist, and then a sports trainer. But while I was at Wake Technical Community College, I started to change my mind because I stopped having interest in playing basketball and I started to hate learning about Anatomy and Physiology. When I started to recognize this, I knew I needed to make a career change because if I did not, I was going to be miserable.

The Search

At this point I did something that I never liked to do, ask for help. I was asking my teachers, my parents, and my friends what I should do because for the first time in my life I did not know what I was going to do. After asking around I finally started to get some answers first I took a Focus 2 Career Assessment and found out that my personality traits matched me up with careers in arts, which was odd to me because I was not interested in art thmuch as a kid, I thought I always liked math. Then I started going to meditation classes to give myself a peace of mind because of the stress I was going through. Finally, I joined the psychology club for the first time, so I can try something different.

The Findings

While I was getting myself back on track some more interesting events started to happen for me. Over the course of my last few semesters at Wake Tech, I started to gain an interest in learning the piano, so I took a class and I enjoyed it, but I stopped taking it after that. But I still had the itch to want to know how to play it. Then, after driving home from playing pick-up basketball one day me and my friend, (Zo) was talking about old school hip hop and we started to freestyle in the car over some of those beats. He seen that I was kind of good and he asked me, “hey you want to record in my crib?” I said sure. And then, we started to record in his house and I really enjoyed it. So, I bought some equipment with the money I saved up and I started to record and make beats at my house. After all this happened, I found what I was going to do for about the next five years of my life, create music. Something that I needed my whole life.

The Videos That Help Explain

Discussion | What is Lo-Fi? Follow Up | Lo-Fi Secrets & Tips Revealed For Reason 10 by MG the Future

The reason I include this video is because this perfectly describes the reason that I make music. In a part in this video MG the Future describes Lo-Fi Hip Hop Music as, “this genre is born out of what these kids are going through.” I don’t how to properly express myself in real life because I’m a private person and don’t really feel the best around people. But when I make music, I can let all of that out for as long as I want to and have a great time doing it.

Music gives me an outlet than basketball once gave me; in music I can let all my emotions out on a song and give it to the world and share with everyone else know how I’m feeling, without having to say anything.

KENNY BEATS & DENZEL CURRY FREESTYLE | The Cave: Episode 12 by Kenny Beats

When I’m making song with an artist in the studio this is the type of reaction that I want out of the artist, to be joyful and filled with excitement while the music is created and as Kenny Beats said, “when someone comes in and is a such pleasure to work with…it just makes for better music.” Even though I create music for myself first, when I put it out into the world, I want people to have an emotional connection to what I’m creating because it comes from an emotional place and I want people to feel that. Also, in my opinion the best music is the music that touches someone’s soul and has an effect to last a lifetime.

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