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Over The Summer: Reflection

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Figuring It Out

Over the summer I learned a lot of new things, but I mostly learned about how to create music. But the most important thing that I learned this summer was about where I wanted to be in life.

This came from me having an internship at AMI Studios, and I mainly focused on how to become a better artist, producer, engineer, video editor, podcast host, and more.

Room For Improvement

This past summer I have learned that I am on the right path, but I need to improve. There are a lot of areas in life that we as people may not accept that we need some help in.

Most of my life I only cared about myself, not saying that I didn’t care about anybody else; I was only concerned about me. But still before you help anybody else you should make sure that you’re ok first.

Goals are Bigger Than Me

At this point in my life I know now that what I am going to do in the future is bigger than just me and if I did not start thinking like this, I know I would not be successful.

My goal is to own a multimedia compound that consist of music, video, podcast, film, gaming, graphic design, radio, business education, and anything else that can be used to help creative people.

The Point of This

The point of me saying this is to let you all know that you’re going to need help to get to where you’re going. You can’t be the kid that sits in the corner all day and not talk to anybody because they won’t talk to you; you can’t be the person that complains that people won’t buy your stuff because you can’t market well.

We All Need Help

Everyone starts from the bottom and not everyone is going to get to the top, but everyone is going to need help to get off the ground. This help may come from your family, friends, YouTube, teachers, peers, random people on the street, employers, and whoever else would like to help you. But you must let people know you exist because there are a billion of other people doing the same thing that you’re doing, but the difference is that they can’t do it like you. Because only YOU can be like YOU.

I know you all can understand that because we all have some type of family. But, remember help yourself before you can help someone else, but don’t be afraid or discouraged to help someone out of the kindness of your heart because you never know. That one time you help that person, they can also help you in return.

We All Start From Somewhere

However, we may not all get to this point at the same time, I started a year ago, but you could have been doing this as a kid, as a teen, or as soon as yesterday. We all have to start, and we all have to learn either as we go or have a mentor to help you along the way. The journey starts with you. Be whatever you want to be and help someone who needs it.

The Future

In the future there will be more content like this and I feel that there is a need to have real inspiration instead of making you must pay to get information and advice that everyone has said already. And remember to follow, like, comment, subscribe, share, and help somebody that needs it because we all need it, even if we don’t say it…

A message from ReTro d.r.E.

To get a better understanding about how I feel, click the link here to listen to the music that I made over the summer.

My Summer by ReTro d.r.E


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