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It Will Never Be the Same: A New Beginning

How do you know how you feel?

How do you go to the next level?

How are you planning your next five years?

These are some of the questions you might ask when you're going through a transition in life. Some of these days are rough, but you will be able to work through it.

Lately, you might have been losing your drive, because you feel that you're losing the essence of when you first fell in love with something.

Over this period of time you may have noticed a few things: one, it is very easy to get trapped being comfortable in a routine that is not making you happy. Second, once you get past a certain level and become established, it becomes difficult to keep the excitement that you had when you first became involved with the love that you lost. Also, if you get trapped in your own head too long you will become paralyzed by wanting perfection and never get anything done. ("The Dr. Dre Syndrome.")

For the last few months you may have been deep in thought about how you're going to spend my next few years. Figuring out how you're going to get better at your craft, how you're going to promote yourself, how you're going to gain more experience, how you're going to gain more knowledge, and how you're going to earn more sources of income.

You've been thinking so much that you realized that the moments you spent thinking about what you were trying to do, you could have been taking action.

"It Will Never Be the Same" officially releases on September 3, 2021.


This blog is going to to contain thoughts, stories, and conversations about what I have learned in my life so far and what I'm going to learn in the future.

Thanks for reading.

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