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What’s up people, there are going to be some new changes to this blog. 

Before I was using this blog for class, but now I am transitioning to doing more post about things in my personal life that I want to talk about. I will still talk about my journey in sound because that was the purpose of this blog, but there will be more post about things that I learned from conversations, experiences, and other life challenges. I will be posting poems, words of wisdom, and life advice on certain topics. Also, from time to time I will be giving updates on what I’m doing along my journey in life, and what I have learned from week to week. 

P.S. I will still post on Friday’s but I might post every Friday. I will try to write a post at least twice a month, so you all can have something to read.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you all have a good day, and welcome to a great future.

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