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Are You a Producer or Beat Maker?

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Up and coming beat makers, producers and others who are interested. The terms producer and beatmaker have been thrown around like they are the same. NO. When you hear someone called, producer or beatmaker, you may see are two different people for a reason. For a while and still today people get confused about the producer or beatmaker conversation because there has not been any clarity.

If you have been around the music industry or seen conversations online then you what I am talking about. For example, people either think DJ Khaled is a dude who yells out his name on every record and takes all the credit, but he is a producer. Also, people think Kanye West only makes beats on an ASR 10, when that is not the case. He does a lot more than that, but I will get to that later on in this post.

To clear up any confusion or misinformation, we are going to explain the similarities and differences between producers and beat makers. Let’s beat to the drum, get it. No.

My bad…

What is a Producer?

According to,, a Producer is, “one that produces, especially a person or organization that produces goods or services for sale.” But in music Producer is, “the person who supervises the arrangement, recording, and mixing of a record.” For example, in a video about the creation of “Jesus Walks” by Kanye West, it shows that he made the beat, got the collaborators together, and created the video. He is a producer. Also, DJ Khaled is a producer even though some people say that he does not do anything, he does a lot. In a documentary of his last album called “Father of Asahd” it shows that he brings the artist together, records the songs in a studio, hires other beat makers and producers, markets the records, helps arranges the records, and more.

What is a Beat Maker?

According to, a Beat Maker is, “a music producer in hip hop etc., responsible for constructing a beat and melody (often composed of samples).” For example, beat makers are people that only make beats to sell to artist online, put out themselves, or for major placements. People like B Young, ICY TWAT, POTSU, Mujo, and others are beat makers that you can listen to.

These are the types of people that create the instrumental using keyboards, MPCs, SP-404, MOOGs, or whichever instrument they choose to use. I am not saying that they do not have the capability of being a producer, but for the most part they create and arrange the instrumental.

What are the similarities?

Both types of people are involved in music specifically in the production process. Also, both people can work together to get the song done. In a video by Genius a beatmaker by the name of Chase N. Chase made the original beat for Look What You’ve Done by Drake, but Drakes producer and engineer Noah “40” Shebib was putting the final touches on the beat by taking out the drums and also doing the final mixing and mastering on the beat.

What are the differences?

A producer doesn’t always have to make music. For example, Diddy does not make music, but his gift is in how to arrange something for a record and create a hit.

Beat makers just make beats for artist, labels, themselves and who ever needs them. Not saying that they are not important, but that’s what they do for the most part. However, producers can make beats, but also arrange the session, the album, collaborators, and other things that are useful for making the track perform well. Also, some producers do not even touch instruments at all.

How do you choose who you want to be?

It’s simple to choose which one you want to be. You either want to only create the beat or create the song. When I say create the beat, I’m saying that you only want to create the instrumental in the background. But when I say create the song that means you are instrumental in the whole process from creating the beat, getting the artist on the songs, structuring the song, helping mix and master the song, marketing, promotion, and other stuff that the producer may want to do.

How do you identify who is who?

Simply, look at what they do. If you happen to go in a studio, see a video online, or have a conversation with someone about their job, you will find out what they do. If you see someone and they only plays keys on a Montage, tap on an MPC, or beat on a Maschine they are most likely a beat maker. If you see someone that is involved in almost every aspect of the recording process by getting the artist together, making the record, getting collaborators, other producers, and more, then this person is a producer.

If you didn’t know before, now you know the difference between a producer and beat maker. And, if you disagree, add to the conversation, or if you want to ask me any questions follow me here and I will be glad to hear what you have to say.

Have a produ-tive and beat-iful day.

Ok, I’ll stop now.

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